Photo by Frida Vega


Dolores Haze Is A Musical Force To Be Reckoned With

goth sex + diva couture galore

Dolores Haze is not to be mistaken for the fashion brand of the same name. Upon listening to the four-piece, Stockholm-based noise-rock band, you would instantly realize that you're in the wrong place, but we wanted to get that out of the way from the jump. The band members go by the names Groovy Nickz (vocals, bass), Groovy Fuck (rhythm guitar), Lucky Lollo (lead guitar), and Foxy Sagz (drums). The Accidental EP earned the band international attention and helped them emerge from Sweden's underground scene.

Of course, we also recognize the name Dolores Haze from Vladimir Nabokov's infamous classic Lolita, and we must say that the band certainly has characteristics that remind us of Humbert's obsession: rebellious, angsty, outspoken, and a little dark. (I mean, when a band classifies their genre as "goth sex" and "diva couture," you've kind of been warned that you're stepping into unexplored territory.)

Today, NYLON is premiering Dolores Haze's The Haze Is Forever LP before the official release on November 13 via Woah Dad. "We're so excited that our love child's finally here, our first-born full-length and the result of all the tears and heartbeats of this past year," the band said over email. 

From start to finish, the album will rev you up—there's no easing yourself into it. Listen to The Haze Is Forever, below.