Drake Gave Away A Million Dollars To Those In Need In His New Video

I think we all needed this

The budget for Drake’s just-released “God’s Plan” video was $996,631.90. He gave it all away to the people of Miami. “Don’t tell the label,” the opening reads.

A couple of weeks ago, social media was abuzz following reports of Drake pulling a Santa Claus. He donated $25,000 to one Miami high school, gave a $50,000 scholarship to a University of Miami student, bought the groceries for an entire supermarket full of people—and he documented it all for our consumption.

Despite it being a really great marketing stunt, it’s also incredibly heartwarming. Drizzy going around and surprising families in need with stacks of money will make you feel things. In fact, it makes you believe in the generosity of people again, and, given all the terrible things that have already occurred this year, that’s a good thing.

Watch the full "God's Plan" video, below.