Photo: Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images.


This Old Drake Video Is Too Weird To Handle

champancake flippy.

Hey, everyone! Remember that time Drake flipped a pancake and totally owned it? It’s, like, from

but whatever. The Internet is cyclical and Champagne Papi’s pancake-flipping skills have resurfaced just in time for a throwback Thursday. Thanks, 6ix God!

Here, we find Drake in what would seem to not be his natural habitat: a Seattle cafe. With a spatula in hand, though, he proves those doubters wrong. Drake is the kind of dude to pick up a spatula and pwn a pancake. (That’s not a euphemism for anything. Promise. Maybe.) He’s the type of dude that treats his girl to pancakes in the morning, anyway. These other guys should know better than to be so shocked. Drake’s grinning at the end because he knew he could do it all along. Amateurs, they are. Blessed, are we.