Dresses Band Crush

straight from portland, it’s sunshine in a song.

by liza darwin

"Dresses" might not be the easiest thing to Google when you're looking for, you know, music. But internet search problems aside, we're sure glad we took the time to seek out this Portland duo...because now we're officially obsessed. Timothy Heller and Jared Maldonado's indie outfit first crept upon the blogosphere late last year when the couple of musicians (and real-life couple) dropped their debut single "Blew My Mind."

Filled with strummy guitar melodies and Heller's sweet, lilting vocals, the happy-go-lucky track sounds straight out of a Zoe Kazan rom-com: think quirky, cute, and at the same time, peppered with intellect. Whether you let these guys soundtrack your dates, daydreams, or summertime drives, it doesn't matter, because you're going to love them all the same. And there's tons more where that came from in the pair's new album Sun Shy.

You can buy the LP now, but even better? Once you've memorized the lyrics in your headphones, go ahead and see the band live as part of the NYLON Music Tour. Paired with Au Revoir Simone's angelic dream-pop and Little Daylight's dance jams, this just might be the musical recipe for the best night ever. 

Listen to more Dresses here!