Dua Lipa Shows Us Why She Wants To “Be The One”

stunning in the city

Last week, we introduced you to our new musical obsession Dua Lipa. She's London's next iconic it-girl in the making, and today we're premiering the music video for her brand-new single, "Be The One." The track will be featured on Lipa's debut album, which is expected for release sometime in 2016. Directed and produced by Nicole Nodland, the video above shows the sensational pop singer decked out in some pretty amazing fur coats while roaming around different scenic locations in London. 

"For me, 'Be The One' is about self belief, perseverance, and fighting for what you want," Lipa told NYLON in an email. "In this instance, it's about a relationship but really, this is an attitude I try to bring into everything in my life." 

Whether she's rolling around in a grassy field or cooped up in an empty room, Lipa always looks like she's genuinely having a good time. By the end of it all, you'll never be able to forget her name.