Photo courtesy of Duke Dumont


Listen To Duke Dumont’s Nearly-Weekend Playlist

Go up on a Wednesday

You made it! You made it to the middle of the week which hasn't felt much like a real week because President's Day, but whatever; you're here! Congratulations on a truly congratulatory feat. Why not reward yourself with a little turn-up action? Wild Wednesdays are better left to the college days, but that doesn't mean you can't relive that fantasy in a relatively more mature way. Duke Dumont, who has been the soundtrack to many of our best parties, has gone and created an exclusive nearly-weekend playlist to help facilitate with just that. He's gearing up to play CRSSD Festival next month in San Diego, but we're bringing you a little preview because impatience is real and the weekend can't come soon enough. Maybe listening to weekend music can help it come sooner. Maybe. In the meantime, turn up responsibly.

1. "Flu (feat. Arthur Verocai")- Jameszoo

A recent release on Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder imprint. I'm drawn to the freeform synth and warmth of this song.

2. "Shock Horror (feat. JONES)"- Shy Luv

Karma Kid's alter ego—upbeat funk and well-produced to not sound cheesy.

3. "Eye Luv U"- Tiga

Tiga was my first-ever label boss, at Turbo Recordings. This track's produced by Paranoid London with Tiga channeling Yello.

4. "Lose Your Love"- Joe Goddard

[Joe's] a member of Hot Chip with a classic sounding '80s synth track.

5. "Say You Will"- Kayne West

A pretty unknown track of Kanye's. Most people slept on this song. I'm surprised it didn't get more accolades.

6. "Janet"- M.T. Hadley

Probably the most beautiful song on this list. It's truly well-crafted, from the lyrics to the instrumental.

7. "Do It 4 U (feat. Dawn Richard)"- Machinedrum

Go listen to his last album!

8. "Ghostboy"- Robotaki

One of my favorite songs from 2016.

9. "Dent Jusay (feat. Syd & Steve Lacey)"- Matt Martians

This is my favorite song I've heard Syd feature on. Her performance is incredible on this.

10. "Show You The Way (feat. Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins)"- Thundercat

Last but not least, featuring Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins!