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Thanks To The Internet, D.W. Read Is Finally Getting The Spotlight She Deserves

Arthur, who?

Throughout my journey to adulthood, I have always been on the hunt for a role model. I searched near and far for her, turning from the pages of the books I meticulously read to the channels on the television screen that I was glued to and the music from my growing CD collection. Little did I realize that the girl who best represented my values was right in front of me all along: Dora Winifred "D.W." Read.

Of all the characters in Marc Brown's Arthur series, I've always identified most with D.W. There was something about her cute bossiness that had resonated with me as an only child. I also loved that she had a signature pink dress, which is to this day my favorite color. Arthur wore glasses, but it was clearly all for show—D.W. was the real brains, in pre-school at that, in this aardvark family.

Now at the age of 23, I find myself relating to D.W. even more. You could even say that it has developed into a strong kinship. There is something about D.W. that I see in myself. She is assertive, but not bitchy. She wants to be in charge, but she's not a complete attention whore. She is a little superficial, but not overwhelmingly materialistic. She is also extremely unapologetic, but will admit when she has done something wrong. (Which is very rare, might I add.) Oh, and we are both more gullible than we would like to admit.

So when screenshots of D.W. began making rounds on Twitter and Tumblr, I was beside myself. It was absolutely thrilling to see her turn into a meme. In a way, it is like an untold version of D.W.'s so-called life, and I am so here for that. At long last, D.W. is center stage and getting the recognition she truly deserves.

Check out some of my favorite D.W. moments in the gallery, below.


TFW your real eyes realize real lies.

Literally me when the direct deposit hits.

Being politically conscious is great and all, but it's also important to have priorities in life... like ponies.

Knowledge is power, and D.W. was aware of this at the ripe age of four.

An accurate depiction of FOMO in real time.

Resting bitch face cannot be learned, it's a gift.

Every time I see this, I cry.

See, I told you that she is a woman of the people!

Amen, sister.

This is basically everyone watching The Bachelorette this season... So painful.

Don't we all?


Millennials, am I right?

Can't decide if this is "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1" by Kanye West or "Freedom" by Beyoncé.

When you warned your haters not to come for you unless you sent for them, and you have to put them in their place. "Shut up" just doesn't cut it.

Take notes, y'all.

Self-loathing for all of eternity.

Monday mornings be like...

Ain't that the truth?

You're never too young to reflect on your youth.

Get that paper, girl.

That side-eye though...