Watch Ed Sheeran’s Music Video For “Castle On The Hill”

Prepare to feel nostalgic

If you’ve been longing for your old high school days, does Ed Sheeran have the music video for you.

For his recently released single “Castle On The Hill,” Sheeran returned to his hometown of Framlingham, England, to reminisce on the days when he was 15. The video, co-produced by Sheeran, includes lots of fog, beautiful landscape shots, hand-rolled cigarettes, and many bond fires. In between the flashback shots, the singer is shown driving through the very hills he sings about. 

After we witness a younger Sheeran “running from the law in the backfields and getting drunk with his friends,” the video ends with the gang all grown-up, sharing a couple of beers—now, legally. Ten years later, the group has come full circle, but not without the upward battle or two. 

Turns out, the teenagers Sheeran recruited for the video have a connection to the singer. He revealed on Twitter that they all go to his former high school. Although, we thought he was going to confess that his younger doppelgänger was actually his long-lost brother. The resemblance is uncanny.

The coming-of-age music video is the first from his upcoming album ÷ (pronounced Divide). You can watch it in its entirety above.