Ed Sheeran Dropped A New Song And Video For His Birthday

It’s a tearjerker

The new trend in music is apparently to drop new material on your birthday. The Weeknd did it just yesterday, and now, Ed Sheeran is ringing in his 26th year with a new song and video. Maybe it’s an Aquarius thing?

Written and produced by Sheeran, “How Would You Feel (Paean)” is an aching romance ballad. He tweeted the song out this morning, inviting fans to give it a listen, while he eats some cake. And despite his growing age, the song seems to play with the idea that love is keeping him young. He sings: “You are the one, girl/ You know that it’s true/ I’m feeling younger/ every time that I’m alone with you”

Sheeran assured fans that “How Would You Feel” isn’t the next single, but that it is one of his “favzzzzz.” And, that’s not all. In case your tear ducts are still functioning, Sheeran also released a live performance of the new song. Guy really knows how to make a girl not want to be single anymore.

The singer’s highly anticipated album, Divide, is out March 3.