editor’s pick: totally charmed

the bracelet that throws it way back.

I sincerely hope I wasn't the only '90s kid who had those clear bead boxes with tons of compartments. I spent so much time stringing together clear stars, multi-faceted plastic diamonds, and pineapples onto rainbow rope, that I probably could have made my own jewlery-slash-lemonade stand in the driveway during the summer. If I were to dig up all my old bead boxes, I'm not sure I'd find anything left--except maybe a few stray beads, which would probably take me way back to 1996, when I thought I was a legit designer (my friendship bracelets were pretty popular).

Or, I could always rock up this Kalifornia Krush Charm Bracelet by Organic Peroxide. The little heart, smiley face, skull, flower, eyeball, and peace sign charms look a lot like the leftovers I'd probably find strewn about an untouched part of my parents' attic--leftovers from coveted collections of beads, each in their own little compartments.

If you're feeling as nostalgic as I am, there's good news: You can get your own charmer right here in the NYLON Shop (Clarissa Darling would be proud), or dig to the bottom of those old boxes you've hidden away and see just what you uncover.