editor’s pick: cool cat

the cutest clock face, probably ever.

When it comes to telling time, I've never been good at reading analog clocks that don't have numbers. But when it comes to a clock face made out of a cat's face, where there are no numbers, only whiskers, I just can't resist. This is one of the cutest cat faces around--yes, one of them. Check out the gallery to see some of my favorite all-time ever cutest cat faces (in no particular order, because how am I supposed to choose?) and comment below with yours.

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via pusheen on facebook

You know on Facebook when you have the option to send your friends cats instead of smileys? That's Pusheen! This seriously awesome illustrated cat comes in enough versions to check out a new one every day. My favorite? It's hard to say, but this sheet of Pusheen as a unicorn--AKA "Pusheenicorn" with crystals, stars, the moon, and hearts is amazing (FYI, it also comes in GIF form). Other rad Pusheens to mention are the Fourth of July Pusheen, pizza love Pusheen, and birthday Pusheen.

photo via @iamlilbub on instagram

Lil' Bub! Everyone knows Lil' Bub! Whether you follow the celebrity cat on Instagram or got to catch the Lil Bub & Friendz documentary when it came out in 2013, chances are that you can't get enough of this forever kitten--and I can't either. Just look at this photo where she's getting ready to celebrate her birthday (D'awwww).

You know a cat is cute when she's been around since 1974. This classic icon by Yuko Shimizu comes in doll form, sticker form, and every other form you could possible imagine, and thank goodness for that.

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Almost all of the best pop-culture characters have a cool sidekick, best friend, or partner in crime. Whether it's Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, Thelma and Louise, or Mary-Kate and Ashley, my favorite TV and film icons usually come in pairs. One of these pairs that I was always super jealous of was Salem and Sabrina. Not only did Sabrina Spellman get to cast spells on her frenemies, travel back through time, and try on her clothes without actually trying them on, but she also had a best friend in the form of a cat who talked. Even though Salem was actually a witch who was punished by being turned into a cat which is semi terrifying, he always provided a necessary perspective on the world.

Nyan Cat is rad for so many reasons, but is there anything more I need to say besides, "Body made out of a Poptart" and "Forever riding on a rainbow?" Nope.