editor’s pick: look at you

the easiest way to do your daily good deed.

Trying to do one good deed a day seems like a daunting task (does picking up someone's pen after they drop it count?!). So just in case you're ever trying to think of a new way to do something nice for someone, I'm pretty sure I've found it. These Killing it Cards by Cult Paper.

Seriously, next time you go out for drinks with your BFF who's had a bad day, write what she's good at on the back and slip it in her purse while she's in the bathroom. Next time some girl walks past you at a concert and has on a seriously major dress, casually drop this card in front of her on your way to the bar.

Even better? This card can actually be used in way more than just do-gooder situations. For example: Did someone at the park just get a really good candid photo of you in the background of their picture? Slip them this bad boy with your Instagram handle written on the back so they can tag you. Want to tell a dude he's good-looking but don't have an ice breaker? Go old school and pass this note to one of his friends to give to him.

Either way, let's face it, whenever we are killing it, we all want someone to tell us, right?!

Go scoop up your very own four pack of Killing It cards over in the NYLON Shop and start making total strangers feel good about themselves.