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    celebrate kaya scodelario’s birthday by channeling her skins’ alter-ego.

    by · March 13, 2014
    Let’s be real: when it comes to choosing favorite TV heroines, Effy Stonem from Skins is an unlikely choice. She smokes, she curses, she steals people’s boyfriends--she makes terrible, horrible decisions-- and yet, we still love her. Mostly because she’s played by one of our favorite young actresses, Kaya Scodelario. Not only does the Londoner rep the show’s resident bad girl with a sensitive edge, but she’s so good, she returned after a break for a final season. Effy kills it in the style department as well, sporting grungy staples like ripped tights and combat boots with super-short minidresses. While Scodelario told us in our interview that Effy’s fashion sense hasn’t rubbed off on her, there’s no better time to channel Effy than on Scodelario’s 22nd birthday.
    So let’s do it. Grab the black eyeliner, click through Effy’s dream wardrobe here, and then head over to Netflix...Skins is streaming!
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