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    by · February 28, 2014
    The Checklist Curator: Eliza Doolittle
    The Look: Miniskirts a la Kate Moss
    I’m going teeny weeny itsy bitsy on the skirt front. The mini-er the merrier! Short skirts with jumpers, big coats, in suits with a jacket, with boots, with heels with kicks....any way you want them! I’m drawing a lot from an old shot I found of Kate and Naomi and also this Versace shoot. I love bellybuttons. Some days the sight of a cute bellybutton is all I need! I know it’s cold outside but I try not to let it change my outfits-- I copy Kate and wear sheer black tights with a big coat!
    I’ve been a bit naughty recently. I’ve been staying at my lover’s apartment and forgetting my face wash, and going to sleep with my makeup on. When I’m being a good girl, I use Yonka products for my skin and face. They are the one man. All natural and they smell so good too. I love the lotion mist specially.
    The News: Bite the Ballot
    So excited about Prince playing these “living room” style gigs all round London-- I’m going to try and get tickets for the weekend. I’ve seen him a few times and nobody has topped him as my favourite gig. Simply the best. On another note, this week I’ve been working with Bite the Ballot, getting young people registering to vote. As much as I don’t agree with many of the political parties out there, it’s the first place to start, and in time we can make changes! It’s been very interesting finding out why young people are so disengaged (me being one of them) with politics. I really do think it’s a whole different language that we’ve never been taught to tune into and now’s the time to make a difference and turn that around. The more young people register, the more the government has to take notice and the more we become part of the conversation! It’s time to take back the power!
    The Inspiration: Cool girls everywhere
    A woman that’s going out there wearing what she wants and being exactly who she is, no question. Think Vivienne Westwood. Think Marilyn. Think Beyonce. Think Spice Girls. Think Aretha Franklin. Think YOU.
    The Songs: “Tempting Meat” by Rad Fru and “Blow” by Beyonce
    I love “Tempting Meat”! Sexy as hell. Naughty boy though! And “Blow” by Beyonce. Also sexy as hell...but in that super cute sensual Yonce. way.
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