London Singer Eliza Shaddad’s Video For “Wars” Will Make Your Head Spin

video premiere

London singer and songwriter Eliza Shaddad recorded her guttural song "Wars" after performing it at gigs, and hearing it evolve over time in front of a live audience. "We were playing it live as a band and it was getting louder and grungier and crashier each time and it felt so good that when it came to recording I just wanted it to kind of implode," she says. "Lyrically it’s about fighting to hold something in, and I think musically we’ve created something that really supports that – ethereal, almost eerily controlled vocals gliding over a bed of increasingly rolling turmoil. Best unleashed loud.” 

The song's video, which we're premiering here, features Shaddad snaking through a deserted, underground parking lot as the camera swirls and spins around her in a dizzying single take. “It’s a lot like the song itself," says Shaddad, "a mix of icy calm and chaos, and full of unanswered questions.” Watch it above.