Elizabeth Olsen Rilo Kiley Very Good Girls

how’d she do?

by liza darwin

If you haven't seen the new movie Very Good Girls yet, what are you waiting for? Not only does the coming-of-age drama star two of our favorites--that would be Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning--but it also features a Boyd Holbrook love triangle, a Jenny Lewis soundtrack, and what's better, you don't even need to leave your house to watch it, because it's streaming right now.

But just in case you don't have On Demand or want to watch Olsen and Fanning play BFF on the big screen, you're in luck, because the movie hits theaters this weekend. And while you wait, check out this sneak peek of Olsen singing Rilo Kiley to tide you over until then. Olsen's character Gerri covers "Go Ahead" during an acoustic coffee shop performance...and it's actually really good. Watch it below, then read our review of Very Good Girls here.