the star of “martha marcy may marlene” is our october cover girl!

    by · September 26, 2011
    If you don’t know Elizabeth Olsen yet, give it a month or two. The 22-year-old actress has five movies in the can, including the Sundance breakout Martha Marcy May Marlene, which hits commercial theaters this October. With Oscar buzz already brewing - and future roles opposite Zac Efron, Catherine Keener, and Dakota Fanning on the way - we anoint the California native with her very first (but probably not last) NYLON cover. (And PS: if you think she bears a striking resemblance to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen because she is, indeed, their little sister.) Here’s more about Lizzie:Full Name:Elizabeth Chase OlsenBirthdate:February 16, 1989Alma Mater:Tisch School of the Arts at New York UniversityFallback Plan:Elizabeth got her New York State real estate license in 2008; it has since expired.Vehicle:A used Range Rover inherited from her older sister, Mary-Kate, in 2004.Dessert:Vanilla frozen yogurt with cinnamon and almonds.On starting her career in the theater:“I just always thought that theater was different from being an actor in Hollywood for some reason. It was like this safe place where people aren’t harassed. But I was apprehensive because I saw how brutal people can be when other people put themselves out there.“On growing up with celebrity sisters:“I have to attribute the way I have always looked at [work] to my father, because he was a really good influence on us. It was always very important to him that his daughters be financially independent. He wanted us to know that we could take care of ourselves, because he never liked the idea of us needing a man. And witnessing how my sisters can take care of themselves financially was a great model to have. I consider myself lucky to have such a normal family.“Want the full story? Get our October issue, hitting stands this week. (And if you have a subscription, check your mailbox!)
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