Elle Fanning New Role

+ good idea or bad idea: a baywatch remake?

Elle Fanning is set to star in a film adaptation of Neil Gaiman's short story How to Talk to Girls at Parties. Fanning will play an alien tourist who wants to venture off and explore London's Croyden, the most dangerous place in the galaxy, who falls in love with a punk schoolboy.  Spoiler alert: it's going to be awesome.(Hollywood Reporter)

Get ready for some slow-mo beach shots because Baywatch is coming to the big screen...well, sort of. The upcoming film is titled The B-Team (they're not allowed to use the word "Baywatch") and the plot goes as follows: The cast aren't really actors, but undercover CIA-agents who use their "household names" to fight crime. Former cast members Jaason Simmons, Jeremy Jackson, and Alexandra Paul have already signed on and there are rumors that Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff are rumored to join shortly. (Telegraph)

Even though Orphan Black was robbed of Emmy nominations this morning, the BBC will renew the cult-series for Season 3. Third time's the charm, right? (USA Today)

Bat For Lashes has a new, hauntingly beautiful single, "Skin Song." It's part of an upcoming compilation of original tracks, Body of Songs, which explores how medical science influences music. (Pitchfork)

Prada released their Fall/Winter 2014 campaign video yesterday. It follows two back-and-forth lovers, played by models Mica Arganaraz and Karl Kolbitz. Watch it below. (YouTube)

Attention all distressed jeans lovers! Japan's Kamine Zoo is selling jeans torn and ripped up by lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my! Check out the video below. (Ad Week)