Dorothy And The Scarecrow Lock Lips In The First Trailer For NBC’s ‘Emerald City’

‘The Wizard of Oz’ like you’ve never seen it before.

by daniel barna

Adapting The Wizard of Oz, into a gritty television show in which Dorothy makes out with a chiseled Scarecrow may sound like a bad idea on paper, but after watching the first trailer for NBC’s upcoming series Emerald City, well, consider us intrigued. Though the network’s reimagining looks like it borrows more from Game of Thrones than it does from the 1939 original, all the elements that made the film so beloved are here.

Dorothy, who’s played by relative newcomer Adria Arjona, is training to become a police officer in Kansas, when a violent tornado whisks her away to magical world ruled by a magnanimous wizard, played by a heavily bearded Vincent D’Onofrio. But that’s where the similarities end. Well, sort of. Toto’s there, but Instead of the diminutive little Terrier from the original, he’s an imposing K9 police dog. The Lion and the Tinman show up too, but it’s hard to tell if they’re friend or foe. The same can’t be said for the Scarecrow, who’s actually just a man on a cross, covered in hay. We alluded to their steamy makeout session earlier, and from what we can gather, Dorothy and the Scarecrow will be locking lips all season long.

Emerald City will air Fridays on NBC starting January 6. Watch the first trailer above.