Emilia Clarke First Look At Terminator Genisys

first look at emilia clarke in terminator

The Terminator movies, as envisioned by James Cameron (who did Terminator 1 and 2), were these amazing action blockbusters that were chock-full of incredible feminist imagery. A terminator literally had to stop Sarah Connor from exercising the holiest of female actions, giving birth. (Not the child itself, but its mother, who was infinitely more powerful.) Then, in 2, Sarah Connor is the ultimate in bad-assedry, easily handling both Ahnold and all the men who have kept her locked up. And then...the series fell off. Instead, the action switched to her son John, who has now been played by four different actors in four different (Edward Furlong, Nick Stahl, Christian Bale, and now, Jason Clarke) — and Sarah was relegated to the past. (Note: This isn't taking the TV show into account.) 

Yet, now, the original premise has been revamped, thank to some time-travel inconsistencies and a weird choice to forgo proper spelling ("Genisys"), and Sarah Connor comes back not as Linda Hamilton, but as The Mother Of Dragons herself, Game Of Throne's Emilia Clarke. The trailer is filled with all sorts of throwbacks: "Come with me if you want to live"; the T-1000; Arnold himself, plus Kyle and Sarah falling in love all over again.

Because there is nothing that Hollywood loves more than rebooting itself, Terminator is back, but this time, Sarah will be able to dracarys them all.