Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

Emily Ratajkowski Reading The Weather Is The Trippiest Thing You’ll See Today

“It’s the apocalypse! OMG!”

Everyone likes watching Emily Ratajkowski do things, like dance to EDM in We Are Your Friends and wreck homes in Gone Girl. With so much on-camera experience under her belt, you'd think that broadcast journalism would be a breeze for the model. It turns out that isn't the case, as proven when she tried delivering a weather report in the outback for LOVE magazine.

On one hand, we will say that being a weather girl is probably a lot more challenging than most people realize, especially when you're wearing bright red hot pants and a crop top in an impending snowstorm. Things only got weirder from there, as Ratajkowski suddenly found herself surrounded by escaped zoo animals that have developed into bipeds and are taking over the continent. We have to give it her, though, she does have the whole "cool and detached" vibe down, a trait we would find comforting if we were too in the midst of an animal apocalypse. It's confusing and unsettling, but oddly mesmerizing. Watch the video, below.