Listen To The Scariest Song From ‘Scream Queens’

straight out of $1’scream queens’

by Allie Fasanella

If you're screaming (

pun intended)

from excitement over the anticipation of Ryan Murphy's new show

Scream Queens

, good news: Emmy Wildwood's "Scream" will make the wait easier. The song, written exclusively for the murderous series, is a fright fest in and of itself. 

The song's lyrics are creepy and ominous—the Brooklyn-based pop siren croons, "Looming night, be gone, be quiet, oh please desist, can't you resist me?" Wildwood's voice is simply haunting and has the perfect chilling tone to set the vibe for the whole show. "After hearing about the show

Scream Queens

, the song came quickly," Wildwood says. "I wanted it to be sparse, haunting, and to leave the listener feeling hunted."

Listen to the entire track below and then check out how it plays into the latest promo. For more from Emmy, check out her songs "Mean Love" and "Chick Chick Boom" on