Eminem & Call of Duty: Ghosts

your favorite rapper + your favorite game =’s RADICAL!!

by Josh Madden

We've been Eminem fans since he showed up on Sound Bombing II shredding effortlessly through the tongue-twister "Any Man" back in 1998. Seeing him perform live in stadium-sized venues and most recently at a smaller intimate show, we continue to celebrate this dude's career as he moves into icon and legend status.

We've been anxiously awaiting Em's latest effort The Marshall Mathers LP 2 and are beyond stoked on the video that just surfaced featuring one of our favorite video games, Call of Duty. We reached out to our buddies over at Activision and inquired about what's been going on over there. It turns out Call of Duty: Ghosts is dropping November 5th, otherwise known as the same day as MMLP2 and Em's music is featured in the game! These game-creating geniuses gave us a little insight into their most sophisticated creation yet. The newest and most advanced iteration of the Call of Duty games allows players to create and customize a feel of up to 10 soldiers, play the game in squad mode and use player-triggered traps. The new Call of Duty App (also going live Nov 5th) will allow gamers to take their current stats, unlocks, and more to any system they play on.

So basically November 5th is going to be a doubly awesome day--full of new music and new gaming experiences, we just might disappear well into 2014. Read more on Call of Duty: Ghosts HERE, check out all Eminem related news HERE, and get stoked on the new video for "Survival" below!