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beauty queen: emma roberts

how to get beachy side-sweep even if you’re not ocean-bound.

by rebecca willa davis

We love a good updo--seriously, just last week we were buys obsessing over a few of our favorites--but sometimes we just want to be able to do something super easy to our hair and still have it looked less like we rolled out of bed and more like we emerge from our apartments looking effortlessly perfect. Which, of course, actually takes a bit of work.

Luckily it's not too tricky to get this beachy sideswept look American Horror Story actress Emma Roberts wore to the AMAs. Hair stylist Laini Reeves told us how it's done:

PREP IT: Garnier Fructis Sky High Mousse - $4.35

"Power dry the hair with the head upside down, until the hair is completely dry. Then apply mousse from roots to ends."

SMOOTH IT: Ibiza Hair Large Swirled Extended Cork Round Brush - $38

"Using a large Ibiza round brush, smooth the hair, creating a bend towards the ends. Make a low side part and tuck the remainder behind the ear."

TEXTURE IT: GVP Black Ceramic Flat Iron - $49.99

"I finished the ends with a beveled flat iron to create more bend towards the ends of the hair for more texture. Use hairspray to hold the look!"