Watch Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix in the ‘Irrational Man’ Trailer

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The last time Emma Stone starred in a Woody Allen movie, she embarked on a press tour where she had to face uncomfortable questions about the age difference between her and costar Colin Firth. It was especially awkward given the child abuse accusations swirling around Allen at the time. Well, Stone should expect much of the same with her second Woody Allen movie, Irrational Man, the trailer of which just hit the Internet.

The older man this time around is played by Joaquin Phoenix, as an existentially challenged philosopy professor who falls for his student, played by Stone. Everything about this trailer screams Woody Allen-lite, but given that the director has shrouded the film in secrecy from day one—Parker Posey has said she only recieved 20 pages of the script—we expect there's more to this movie than meets the eye. Maybe Emma Stone's character suffers from the same afflication as Blake Lively's in Age of Adaline, and she's actually 120 years old. We'll find out on July 17.