Emma Watson Sings In The Opening Number Of ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Now you can be late to the movie

In order to get you to fork up your weekly allowance to go see the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast in theaters, Disney is pulling out all the stops. While the movie’s cast tours the world to promote the film, the studio has just released a clip of the movie’s bright opening number. It features Emma Watson as Belle singing her namesake song as she skips and twirls through her vibrant French village. But while the town seems rather dope from our end, with its jolly bakers and singing schoolchildren and apple-eating donkeys, Belle’s not really feeling it.

“Every morning’s just the same, since the morning that we came to this poor provincial town,” she sings, rather ungratefully. Belle is on her way to return a copy of Romeo and Juliet to Pere Robert, but not before feeding a friendly donkey an apple and skipping across a tranquil stream. The whole scene seems pretty idyllic, so we’re not sure what she’s complaining about. It’s almost like she has no idea she’s about to be trapped in a castle with an actual beast. Anyway, this movie comes out on March 17. Watch Belle complain about her awesome village above.