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    booze your way through the emmys with our drinking game!

    by · September 20, 2013

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    Newsflash: the Emmys are this Sunday night meaning TV’s biggest stars will be grouped together in one room for four hours with Neil Patrick Harris as their ringleader/spirit guide. The show has a lot of good things to look forward to, like Zosia Mamet looking cute, Jon Hamm in a suit, and plenty of Tina Fey. As if you needed further incentive to tune in to CBS at 8pm on Sunday, we created a drinking game to up the Emmys fun. We even made two options for the rules: one for those of you looking to get plastered and another for the rest of your responsible folks who don’t want to roll in to work on Monday with a hangover. Read our rules below and decide which one is right for you. Happy drinking!Smashed, Drunk Dialing Your Crush Version:Take a drink every time Neil Patrick Harris breaks into song and/or dance.
    Take a drink every time Aaron Paul says, “Yeah, bitch.”
    Take two drinks every time someone other than Aaron Paul says, “Yeah, bitch.”
    Take a drink every time the camera cuts to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler being awesome together.
    Take a drink every time the camera cuts to Lena Dunham and Adam Driver and wish you were the plus one to their existences.
    Take a drink every time a clip of Claire Danes crying on Homeland is shown.
    Take a drink every time Mad Men men doesn’t win because it’s what Don Draper would do.Tipsy, Sunday Appropriate Version:Take a drink if The Colbert Report beats The Daily Show in the Best Variety Show category. The Daily Show has won this award every year for the past 10 years, FYI.
    Take a whiskey shot every time the camera cuts to Alec Baldwin making a smug face. Take a drink every time Benedict Cumberbatch is mentioned, just because. Take a drink every time you see Kerry Washington and wonder how her makeup is always so flawless.Drink an entire juice box--or box of wine!--if Arrested Development wins an award. Turn off the TV and head to New York’s hottest nightclub, Twice, where you’ll be greeted by a Rabbi that looks like Joaquin Phoenix if Bill Hader wins for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.
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