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emmys with a twist

booze your way through the emmys with our drinking game!

by steff yotka and rebecca willa davis

Newsflash: the Emmys are this Sunday night meaning TV's biggest stars will be grouped together in one room for four hours with Neil Patrick Harris as their ringleader/spirit guide.

The show has a lot of good things to look forward to, like Zosia Mamet looking cute, Jon Hamm in a suit, and plenty of Tina Fey. As if you needed further incentive to tune in to CBS at 8pm on Sunday, we created a drinking game to up the Emmys fun. We even made two options for the rules: one for those of you looking to get plastered and another for the rest of your responsible folks who don't want to roll in to work on Monday with a hangover. 

Read our rules below and decide which one is right for you. Happy drinking!

Smashed, Drunk Dialing Your Crush Version:

Take a drink every time Neil Patrick Harris breaks into song and/or dance.

Take a drink every time Aaron Paul says, "Yeah, bitch."

Take two drinks every time someone other than Aaron Paul says, "Yeah, bitch."

Take a drink every time the camera cuts to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler being awesome together.

Take a drink every time the camera cuts to Lena Dunham and Adam Driver and wish you were the plus one to their existences.

Take a drink every time a clip of Claire Danes crying on Homeland is shown.

Take a drink every time Mad Men men doesn't win because it's what Don Draper would do.

Tipsy, Sunday Appropriate Version:

Take a drink ifThe Colbert Report beatsThe Daily Show in the Best Variety Show category. The Daily Show has won this award every year for the past 10 years, FYI.

Take a whiskey shot every time the camera cuts to Alec Baldwin making a smug face. 

Take a drink every time Benedict Cumberbatch is mentioned, just because. 

Take a drink every time you see Kerry Washington and wonder how her makeup is always so flawless.

Drink an entire juice box--or box of wine!--if Arrested Development wins an award. 

Turn off the TV and head to New York's hottest nightclub, Twice, where you'll be greeted by a Rabbi that looks like Joaquin Phoenix if Bill Hader wins for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.