Photo via Memoji

your face can now be an emoji

you deserve this.

You have to admit it: The emoji keyboard, no matter how many times you use it per day, is pretty sparse. Now that we have been granted a set of emojis for sexting escapades as well as some much-needed diverse emojis, we'll confess that a lot of our emoji needs have been satisfied—but we want more. After all, sometimes the sunglasses-wearing face just can't capture how cool you look and the side-eye emoji doesn't fully show just how done you are with everything. But at last, our emojis can finally express the same breadth of emotions as the human face: Memoji allows you to turn your own face into an moving emoji, so you can #bless your family and friends with your actual facial reactions to their texts.

Developed by former Apple engineer Johnny Lin, this app opens up a world of texting possibilities. Now you can send your mom a real-life smiley face to let her know that you're still alive; you can terrorize your friends with your most supreme angry face; and you can even bring the iconic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ emoticon to life, showing everyone exactly how much you don't know and how little you care. No cartoon emoji can capture that amount of emotional, spiritual, and intellectual depth.

It's time to get your head—er, face—in the new and improved emoji game. Download Memoji in the App Store and enjoy your revitalized texting possibilities.

(via The Cut)