Photo: Fairlight Hubbard/Eye Mgmt.


erin mccarley’s new video is something to love

absolutely stunning.

At its heart, music is a very personal thing. No matter what genre or how you listen, you end up projecting a part of yourself onto the artist and seeking identity within their work. Some songs we use to scream into the void and others, like Erin McCarley’s “I Can Be Somebody,” remind us of our own self-worth.

The atmospheric, slow-build anthem is, at its core, a redemption track. McCarley’s voice is haunting and grows with earnest. By the end you want to shout, “I can be somebody to love,” right along with her. “I want to take care of people by letting them know they aren’t alone in their struggle, depression, confusion,” she tells us over email. “That’s something I struggle with in my life, and it’s such a relief to remember that we are all a part of the human condition.”

For the video, director Allister Ann let McCarley’s words shine. Inspired by the “Thousand Hand Dance,” McCarley plays a mother figure, someone she says is a symbol for mercy. She senses “the afflictions of humanity and [extends] her many arms to alleviate them.” It’s a striking visual and does nothing but amplify the forward motion of the song. “I’m on my own now,” McCarley told us. “No label. No management. It takes a team of passionate individuals with guts to pull off any piece of art. I’m working with a group of respected friends that I have met on my creative path that I really trust. Very rewarding and empowering. I’m learning to trust my instincts again.”

March on to this.