The Easy Gift Guide For Etsy

deck the halls with DIY

The beauty of Etsy is that you can find an assortment of one-of-a-kind, DIY products that you don't have to make yourself by hand. They're thoughtful gifts that show that you put a lot of effort into finding them without the hassle of you physically going anywhere or constructing the items. We've grouped everything you could possibly think of into categories so you can easily find your way and get into the gifting groove. Flip through the gallery above and start placing your orders now before it's too late to get them on time!

Photo courtesy of GIRLBYE


Ever since I moved into my own apartment, banners have become one of my favorite decoration pieces. You can pick one that's already made or request a custom banner in any color that you want! It's honestly the perfect gift for someone, as the banners can be hung all year 'round.


, Custom Banner, $12 


, Customer Hashtag Banner, $13


, Flawless Banner, $15


, Love Will Tear Us Apart Banner, $25

Photo courtesy of Granny Hope Chest

Music Memorabilia

Maybe your friend isn't following all the fashion trends, but is a total fanatic when it comes to music. With options like music-oriented prayer candles and embroidery shirts, you won't find any of this stuff at your local mall. Besides, knock-off brand merch isn't always a bad thing when it comes in a bundle.

Love Alice Louise

, Bitch Better Have My Money Socks, $6.50

Granny Hope Chest

, Lana Del Rey Prayer Candle, $8.99


KALE T-shirt, $13.93


, Drake Tears T-shirt, $28

Photo courtesy of Utpioat


Nothing says "carry me with you" like a stylish bag. Make a statement (literally) with a cute tote bag, lunch bag, or backpack. 


, Commes Des Fuck Down Graphic Tote, $15

WAAM Industries

, Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag, $24


, Geometric '80s Pattern, $38.17

Lara Howe Designs,

Large Black Cotton Canvas Backpack,


Photo courtesy of Sincerely Mary Ellen


Because "cheers" doesn't just apply by clinking a glass. Show that special someone that they're on your mind at all times of the day, but especially for their most important drink of the day—coffee and tea. (Cups also go a long way, too.) Every sip should feel nice and cozy.

Pineapple Proper

, Babe Squad Cups Set of Four, $14

Sincerely Mary Ellen

, Britney Mug, $14

Fox And Clover Boutique

, Floral Wreath Initial Coffee Mug, $16

3 Little Purls

, Tacky Christmas Sweater Coffee Mug Cozy, $24.99

Photo courtesy of Harvest Paper Co.


Maybe your friend has a way with words and you know how to make a permanent mark in their heart. Show them that you fully support their craft with a set of quirky, engraved pencils! They're functional, decorative and motivational all at the same time.

Harvest Paper Co.,

#HUSTLE Pencils, $2 each

Harvest Paper Co.,

Write Drunk Edit Sober Pencil, $2 each


The Great Gatsby

Wrapped Pencil Set, $10



Arrested Development-

Inspired Engraved Pencil Pack, $13.50

Photo courtesy of That’s Sew Betheny


For your friend who's super-into DIY, patches are the way to go. No matter what you search, you'll find something cute, but make sure it's as culturally aware as she or he is.

Patch Nation

, Bite Me Anti-Conversation Heart Patch, $5.99

Warrior Mama Textiles

, Hand Embroidered One Of A Kind Yoni Vulva Patch, $8

That's Sew Betheny

, Animals Against Annoying Antics Multipack Patch Deal, $9.28

Ferdinand Works

, Pawness Goddess Patch, $10

Photo courtesy of Bungalow9 Jewelry


Your mother has probably warned you to never buy jewely for someone if you don't know their taste, but these options will work for almost anyone.



Sailor Moon

Pocket Watch Pendant, $5.99

Modern Girl Blitz

, NO Pink Heart Ring, $8

Bungalow9 Jewelry

, Hand Strung Black & Gold Beads Tassel Necklace, $45

Best Bishes

, "I Don't Fuck With You" Heart Necklace, $48 

Photo courtesy of Herbivore Botanicals


Show your friend that you've got them covered (literally) with the best cult beauty products. Because you love them on the inside and outside. (You've probably seen some of these brands carried at stories like Madewell, by the way.)

For Strange Women

, Lip Balm Gift Set, $14

For Strange Women

, Coffee + Cocoa Strange Companion Blend Perfume Oil, $22

Herbivore Botanicals,

Lip Butter Set, $28

Herbivore Botanicals

, Rose Hibiscus Face Mist, $32

Photo courtesy of Modern Girl Bliz


If you like it then you should have put a pin on it. 

Modern Girl Blitz

, Typerwriter One-Inch Button, $2

Modern Girl Blitz

My Cup of Tea Feminist Brooch/Pin, $15

Coucou Suzette

PINK Eye Enamel Pin, $11.94

Fat Junkie

, Deluxe Mixtape Enamel Pink, $12

Photo courtesy ofThe Little Avocado


There's something about products made out of yarn that are knit or woven by hand that make us feel warm and tingly inside. Again, there are so many decorating options if you choose to go with the hanging pieces. For your friend that never really grew up, offer a knit plant. (It's a toy, but they can pretend that they're taking care of something besides themselves without having to worry about being responsible for keeping it alive.)

The Little Avocado,

Marble Pom-Pom Garland, $20

The Little Avocado

, Laurel Free Form Wall Hanging, $50

The Knit Knack Shop

, Mini Barrel Cactus, 2 for $15

The Knit Knack Shop

, Monsters, $35