Unwrapped: For The Etsy Lover

And the small business supporters

'Tis officially the season for gift-giving. For us, it’s 31 days of gift giving; for a month, we’ll be providing gift ideas for everyone on your list—from your hard-to-please parents to your ’90s-loving BFF and even your spoiled pet. Filled with creative picks that got our pulses racing, our Unwrapped holiday gift guides will make Christmas shopping a breeze this holiday season.

It’s easy to drive to a shopping mall, visit a couple of stores, and bang out all of your holiday gifts in one trip. But what if we told you there was another purchasing path you could go down? TBH, nobody really needs another generic lotion gift set and you really shouldn’t be shopping at fast fashion shops, anyway. This year, save your conscience some guilt and shop for your presents via Etsy.

You’ll not only be picking from personalized, unique items that you won’t find at chain stores, you’ll also be saving money and supporting the “little guys” in the creative world. The e-tailers shop can be overwhelming if you’re not a regular buyer, so to help you navigate, we’ve rounded up some items that would serve as great presents. Click through to see what we found.

WoolAndWanderCo, Charcoal Infinity Scarf, $33, available at Etsy.

Made to order, these hand-knit scarves are so much better—and ethical—than the ones your friend will pick up from the mall, proceed to lose, and have to replace come next year. Choose from the always stylish infinity style or go for a chunky cowl cozy. It's quality and fashion all wrapped up in one.

TheFilmArtist Maya Angelou Portrait, $20, available at Etsy.

Treat your favorite feminist to their favorite feminist in print form. Maya Angelou is an excellent choice, but there are also portraits of Gloria Steinem, Malala, Frida Kahlo, Beyoncé, and Hillary Clinton available. This way, they can topple the patriarchy with an adoring onlooker.  

ForStrangeWomen Solid Perfume Locket Necklace, $80, available at Etsy.

What appears to be a regular locket is actually a necklace with a pungent all-natural solid perfume inside. The scents range from “Nightshade Garden,” a bold citrus blend to “Fireside Story,” a smoky vanilla fragrance. The lucky recipient will both feel whimsical and smell divine while wearing it. 

Cactusandbones Boob Banner, $24, available at Etsy.

Of course, what better way to scream Happy Holidays than with a banner encouraging your friends/family to free the nipple? 

AWhimsicalWillow The Wizard Highlight And Contour Palette, $50, available at Etsy.

For the Harry Potter beauty fanatic in your life, this highlighting and contour palette includes enchanting shades like “Pigwigeon” and “Hedwig” and even comes with the Hogwarts crest and a ticket to King’s Cross. They’ll go perfectly with these Harry Potter makeup brushes

HappyWayJewelry, Personalized Choker Necklace, $65, available at Etsy.

Yeah, sure, everybody has a choker nowadays. But most of the people on the bandwagon gravitate toward the basic ol’ black version. A customized nameplate variation is thoughtful, while also managing to be trendy in the process. 

HerbivoreSoap Orange Peel Rose Bath Salts, $14, available at Etsy.

Sea salt, orange, lime, grapefruit, and lime essential oil, with a sprinkle of organic rose petals, combine to make the most romantic bath blend ever created. You’re basically gifting vegan-friendly love in a jar. 

FolieApothecary Cardamom + Vanilla Body Butter, $26, available at Etsy.

Why stop at bath salts when you can compile an Etsy mini spa kit to give? This all-natural body butter, made of hydrating materials like coconut oil and shea butter, is the perfect hydrating follow-up to a relaxing bath. Last but not least…

BonLux Soy Wax Candle in 'Asleep in Clouds,' $22.01, available at Etsy.

... a candle. Light this one while taking that salt bath before bed, and the lemon zest, gardenia, jasmine, and violent combination will help lull you to a deep restful sleep. 

NovaMercury DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Kit, $34,43, available at Etsy.

Chances are, that same Etsy-loving friend you’re shopping for also enjoys a little DIY project every now and then. Putting together this macramé plant hanger won’t drive them completely insane, and will add a cute Anthropologie-esque touch to any room. Plus, whenever someone compliments them on it, they can brag about the fact that they created it themselves.   

CaribouMilk Cassette Tape Magnetic Bookmarks, $4.90, available at Etsy.

Your music friends will appreciate these nostalgic cassette bookmarks. They'll only set you back $5, so gift it with an actual physical book and it’ll be like you time-traveled to 1989. 

SoGloss Neon Waffle Nail Wraps, $8, available at Etsy.

Save your friends and family the stress of trying to create their own nail art—or spend money getting it done—and present them with these awesome nail wraps. They’re bold, unique, and won’t chip minutes after you apply them. 

Anatomi, Geode Druzy Pronge Set, $193.50, available at Etsy.

This Etsy shop owner will customize your ring with an accompanying gorgeous geode of choice. Gifting jewelry can often be tricky, given that people have very specific tastes and preferences on the matter, but with something this pretty, we can’t imagine anyone not loving it.

ThatSewBethany Handmade Personalised Cross Stitch, $12.86, available at Etsy.

Nothing says I pay attention to your life and what you do—or that I regularly stalk you on Instagram—than a personalized cross stitch portrait. Just send the Etsy shop owner a picture of whomever you want immortalized, and she will recreate it with needle and thread. 

MoonstoneGypsyAU, Rose Quartz Wand, $29.60, available at Etsy. 

This might look like a regular everyday rose quartz wand to some, but it can also double as a masturbation tool. Seriously, read up about the powers of crystal sex toys here. It’s a great present to give to a close girlfriend who needs some extra healing and some added orgasms. 

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