our second installment of the online wonder-store…

by ali hoffman

Since publishing our first Etsy round-up a month ago, we've pretty much been counting down the days till our next installment.

To put things in perspective, from a scale of one to Harry Potter, Etsy definitely ranks on the Deathly Hallows end of the spectrum. So get your popcorn and soda ready, sit back, and enjoy our November Etsy Show.


Made in Minneapolis, BlueBernice takes vintage suitcases and gives them a makeover. Think antique appeal, sans the impracticality.


Based in Hong Kong, this range of handmade jewelry includes everything from a gold matchbox to a sterling silver price tag necklace

Golden Ponies

Hand-crafted in Mexico, Golden Ponies' shoes are the kind of things we could live in year round, and still not get sick of.


Pronounced as [do'-blay] [ay'-lay], this charming accessory is made in Hong Kong and reminds of the kind of jewelry we dreamed of as little girls.