Photo Courtesy Of Everlane.


Everlane Is Launching A Collection Of “Clean Silk”

In a move to become more sustainable

Every minimal millennial's favorite fashion brand is coming out with a collection of “clean silk” products.

“From toxic dyes to needless energy waste, conventional silk production can wreak havoc on the environment,” Everlane’s website explains. “At Everlane, we’re always working to reduce our impact. So when we finally found a silk producer that shared our vision for a cleaner future, we partnered with them to relaunch our entire collection.”

What, exactly, does the brand mean by “clean?” Basically, it involves safer dyes, more energy-efficient factories, better conditions for workers, and fewer chemicals being emitted into the environment. “It’s better for the planet, the people making the clothes, and the person actually wearing the garment,” the brand writes.

The first launch is phase one of a three-part initiative. Phase two will take place in 2020 and will involve silk grown via “regenerative organic” farming; 2022 will usher in phase three and include silk dyed and washed with 100 percent recycled water and 100 percent renewable energy.

The relaunch, according to Fashionista, will include six classic styles and five new ones. The collection will be available August 20, but you can add your name to the waitlist here.