excess baggage

a museum for shopping bags and nothing else.

by ali hoffman

Fact: Shopping bags stress us out.

Maybe it's because we hate the lose-lose decision between paper or plastic. Or possibly it's their tendency to always break at the worst possible circumstances.

But regardless of the reason, we're certain a lot of people share this sentiment.

A lot of people, that is, except for Howard and Lee Forman, the husband and wife whose passion for shopping bags lead them to create The Museum of Bags. Boasting over 7,000 original bags, the online archive (according to the site) is intended "to showcase the bag in all its forms as an icon illustrating the history and culture of society."

With artifacts dating as far back as 1898, the exhibit is a fascinating way to look at the history of consumerism in everything from fashion and art, to patriotism and religious holidays.

Check out our favorites below... It won't hurt anyone… So long as you don't print them!