Exclusive Video Premiere: “Mind Over Matter” (In The Open) - Young The Giant

their stage is a cave + it’s magic.

Just when you thought Young The Giant couldn't get any better, they go and sing an acoustic version of "Mind Over Matter" inside of a cave and video tape it. OK--so maybe the phrase "video-tape" made more sense when it came to your Kindergarten graduation, and you might think that singing in a cave is also a bit archaic—that is, until you watch the latest In The Open session by the LA five piece.

Yes, Sameer, Jacob, Eric, Payam, and Francois' vocals, drums, guitar, and bass harmonize perfectly on the stage at your favorite music venue. But, throw all of these ingredients inside a naturally-made acoustic heaven and you get the band's In The Open sessions—a series of videos where you'll find the indie rockers performing "Strings" in a marsh, "Apartment" on top of a mountain, "I Got" in the middle of a desert, "Your Side" at the beach, and "Firelight" in an abandoned building. And every single time, what you get from these performances is something even better than you would from a live show in your favorite music venue; you get a strange urge to go camping, even more obsessed with these dudes than ever before, and bonus, a totally rad mini set that you can replay over and over again.

See what I mean by checking out Young The Giant's performance of "Mind Over Matter" below, featuring the ultimate chilling harmonies in a video that you won't want to stop watching...ever. (Wish we could say the same about our fifth birthday parties on VHS).

But the best part is, that your favorite band actually is coming to your favorite venue--and they're doing it soon. Don't miss Young The Giant on tour with Kings of Leon right now. Click here to check out the dates and scoop up your own pair of tickets!