exclusive: wannabe jalva “mainline”

Listen and download the band’s latest track…

by Christian Lavery

Having premiered their new single “Mainline” just about a month ago, Brazilian band Wannabe Jalva is showing everyone why they’re touted as one of the most acclaimed independent rock bands. Formed by Rafael Rocha, Felipe Puperi, Tiago Abrahao and Fernando Paulista in 2010, the group serves up a self-described space-groove sound. And yes. We’re fans of it.

So in between playing along side some of musics biggest acts like Vampire Weekend and Two Door Cinema, as well as opening up for Pearl Jam, we caught up with them to chat and to give you all en exclusive free download of that prior mentioned track “Mainline.”

Download HERE.

Tell us a little bit about the track?Last year we decided to have a break. It was time to think about new songs and it wasn’t possible because of we were playing too many shows. Mainline was the last song we composed and I believe it sounds different from the others. It’s intense and smooth at the same time. The lyrics basically talks about how music became an addiction in our lives, something we really need to make. It also express a little the year we spent in a basement composing and thinking together as a band.

How has your sound changed, if at all, since you guys started playing together? We like to believe that our first releases sound like a band that is starting something. It wasn't as solid as we feel it is today but we were getting to know each other as well. Actually, in these new songs we hear more a band playing instead of only four guys trying their different experiments and mixing their musical tastes. We think this is a normal process for artists, not only in the music field, and we are very proud of how it is going up these days.

Any memorable moments while playing a live show?Every concert has its own particularity. If I had to mention a specific performance, I’d say the final part of our Lollapalooza Brazil concert, during which Felipe climbed the sub-bass amps and played the bass guitar from there. It was a great moment I like to remember. Playing alongside bands we admire was also a good experience at that festival.

What are a few things you always have to have on the road?Felipe: I always bring a comb with me. It doesn't seems to make sense if you look at me, cause my hair looks unkempt [laughs]. But seriously, it became a strange habit.

Rafael: Towels! Our concerts end up being very intense, so I have no other option than to always have a towel next to my amp.

Best or worst advice you ever received?Felipe: The best advice I’ve ever heard was from Eddie Vedder himself, after we supported one of Pearl Jam's concert here in Brazil. When he first met Rafael in the side area of the stage at the end of our show, he just said "Man, you should keep on stage!" He didn't say it to me but I took it as an advice... something like "keep on stage guys, keep making music".

Rafael: That was something great to hear as a band...coming from a guy that has such an incredible career and a very long time in the music business. It’s been very influential to us.

What should we look out for from you guys moving forward?In the next couple of months we are going to release two more songs and some videos that make part of this new cycle of the band. We are also planning to tour in the States this October.