eyes wide open

a secret weapon that lets you fake awake, even if you’re not.

by liza darwin

It's a trick that makeup artists everywhere have been practicing for years: lining the inner rim of your eyes with a nude or white pencil makes them pop, totally fooling all your friends into thinking you skipped the party last night and instead went to bed early.

The Eye Brightening Color Stick from Origins has the same idea. However, unlike many of the skinny liners we've tried, this one comes in a thick crayon that lets it double as a blendable shadow.

And although the icy blue hue originally threw us off, it's more subtle than you'd expect, perfect for lining the rims or that inner "v" area for the shimmery signature Blake Lively effect. It's pretty, easy, and fast enough so you can hit the snooze button a couple of extra times without even being late.

Bright eyes, indeed.

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