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Facebook Isn’t Letting You Post About This Website Anymore

this means war

by daniel barna

Facebook isn't messing around. The social network monolith is vehemently opposed to an upstart competitor and has blocked its users from uttering its name on any of their major platforms. The offender in question is, an invite-only social network that's gained notoriety for its unusual business model, which is based on sharing ad revenues with its users. 

Since launching in 2013, Tsu's growth has been microscopic and despite its air of exclusivity, it holds very little cool currency among young tastemakers. In other words, Facebook isn't worried about Tsu stealing their user base. Instead, the Tsu embargo is geared towards improving the Facebook user experience. Facebook insists that Tsu was responsible for a large amount of spam, which is why users will now receive  a message telling them that "content you're trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe."

"We require all websites and apps that integrate with Facebook to follow our Platform Policy," a Facebook spokesperson told Mashable. "We do not allow developers to incentivize content sharing on our platform because it encourages spammy sharing and creates a bad experience for people on Facebook.”

In other words: Sorry guys, no Tsu for you.