facebook comments are about to change big time

and it’s pretty freaking adorable.

Unless you've been living under a rock, there's a good chance that you've replaced half of your vocabulary with emojis. To some, this might seem like the downfall of the English language. To others it's a fun and cute way to communicate with friends and make awesome puns. Since June 2014, when an announcement was made that there would be 250 new emojis arriving in the near future, the texting-obsessed (myself included) have been on the edge of their seats awaiting the newest batch of the modern hieroglyphic. Sadly, we still have yet to see them. However, there is some good news: You can now communicate in Pusheen. Yes, I am serious. If you're not familiar with Pusheen, she's a totally cute illustrated domestic short hair grey Tabby cat who loves doing things humans do. You may have seen her in her own animated web comic series, or you may have seen her next to the smiley faces option in your Facebook chats.

Now, thanks to Facebook software engineers (who we're usually never thanking), you can use Pusheen instead of words in your Facebook comments. Before, the best way to show how much you loved your BFF's new profile picture was with an image of a heart. The only way to answer a status about what someone should eat for dinner, was to write out "pizza." Those days are long gone, my friends, because with the Pusheen stickers in comments, you can now use a kitty paw high-five when your friend has a cool new photo, or insert a photo of Pusheen cat passed out inside of a pizza box as a legitimate dinner suggestion.

The best part? They are animated.

So, goodbye, words. Goodbye, emojis. From meow on, I'm only writing in Pusheen.