20 Fall Activities To Do Right Now That Aren’t Apple Picking

Fall into fall without crashing

'Tis the season for sweater weather, pumpkins, and ghosts galore. While there aren't any studies to confirm this, we're pretty sure that the amount of ghosting that goes down as cuffing season approaches increases tenfold.

The warm glow of autumn has faded, and now we're all layering up for the impending cold front ahead. Those glorious Summer Fridays that we held ourselves to are gone, and so is our will to live. (Okay, that part was a bit dramatic, but the only thing that really keeps us going now is living for the drama!)

Fall is full of cliches, but that doesn't mean that you have to follow the norm. Instead, feast your eyes on this list of 20 awesome alternative activities. Almost every single item included here is hands-on, so we hope your crafty hat is ready to come out of the shed. 

Check them all out in the festive gallery, below.

Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Who doesn't want to go up, up, and away? Nobody wants to get closer to the sun during the summer, but fall is the perfect time to take in all of your surroundings from up above. Imagine all of the pretty views you'll be able to capture on Instagram. If you're afraid of heights, you might want to sit this one out, though.

Tailgate a Football Game

You might not be Sporty Spice, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some good old-fashioned pre-gaming. Who doesn't love hamburgers, hot dogs, and beer? It's the American dream. This is always fun to do with a group of friends, or even your family depending on how sports-oriented they are. Obviously, make sure that you wear at least one item that represents the team of your choice.

Take a Wine Tour

Rosé was crowned as the drink of summer, but wine has no boundaries. You can drink it all year round, and then some. Why not take the weekend to visit a winery? If you would rather stay inside, consider visiting a spa for some cabernet wine body treatments.

Learn How to Knit

Maybe you're already a mastermind at this craft, but there's no better season to practice your needlework. If you read and watch enough step-by-step tutorials on YouTube, maybe you'll get to the point where you can eventually open up your own Etsy shop! The world is your sweater.

Visit a Farmers Market

This is the one time of year when farmers markets thrive. Take advantage of all of the fresh crops from the season and stock up. Trader Joe's is great and all, but nothing compares to getting food fresh from the farm.

Go Candle Shopping

It's officially time to get lit. Maybe you're a seasonal candle shopper who likes to rotate scents. Or perhaps you prefer to keep things simple and switch your candles once a year. Either way, selecting the right aroma is key. Be adventurous and find a store that allows you to make your own custom scented candles.

Do Some Pumpkin-Infused Facials

Put the pumpkin spiced latte down, and spread it all over your face instead. (Okay, so the recipe for a facial isn't quite the same, but you get what we mean.) There are some places that offer the treatment, but you can easily make one with your own two hands. Yum!

Scrub Yourself with Apple Sauce

Did you know that you can use apples to make scrubs for your eyes, lips, and feet? There are so many DIY treatments to choose from. We're not judging you if you decide to pick the apples yourself from the orchard but maybe refrain from posting all the pictures on Instagram.

Stick to Some Maple Scrubs

Most of the time, we only use maple as syrup for our pancakes and waffles, but it makes for a good ingredient in skin care too. Mix it with some brown sugar, and your body will become a literal wonderland.

Give Yourself a Coffee Treatment

Coffee is a year-round beverage, but those beans can be used for so much more than jacking you up on caffeine. We're talking sugar body scrubs, wraps, and exfoliating treatments.

Bake a Pie from Scratch

Even if you don't have a domestic bone in your body, who doesn't love pie?! The satisfaction of baking one of these bad boys yourself will only boost your confidence—and appetite. You can do anything you set your mind and your stomach to. May we suggest the seasonal classics: applepumpkin, sweet potato.

Build a Bonfire

Because making s'mores in the microwave is completely unacceptable. Feel the burn, but don't catch on fire... or burn anything to the ground. Seriously, though, this is all about location, location, location. Please only set a fire where you're, like, allowed to set a fire.

Carve a Pumpkin

It's a throwback to your youth, and you have to be okay with getting your hands messy, but if you're good with that, nothing will get you feeling more Halloweeny than carving a pumpkin. If your brain isn't bursting with ideas for variations on the classic jack o' lantern, peruse through the various boards of Pinterest.

Make Fall-Themed Cocktails

Pour it up, pour it up! Hot beverages will get you through the season, especially if you spice them up with a splash of booze. For some cocktail ideas, proceed here.

Go on a Hayride

If you grew up in the suburbs, this is a tradition. There's nothing better than loading up into a wagon with everyone you know and being driven around by a tractor. Now, you can take it to the next level and go on haunted hayrides.

Check out a Haunted House Tour

So you can either go to an actual haunted house (if you're in New York City, check this out), or you can head over to one of the over-the-top decorated and themed ones. Either way, you'll definitely have an interesting time. Should you find yourself in Philadelphia, consider checking out Terror Behind The Walls at the Eastern State Pentitentiary. You'll get spooked. We promise.  

Participate in a Turkey Trot

You haven't lived until you participate in a turkey trot. The long-distance footrace involves burning off thousands of calories by running some miles in a turkey costume before the big Thanksgiving dinner. You might want to start training now...

Visit the Real Halloweentown

You'll have to travel to Oregon, but it will definitely be worth it. Every year, the Spirit of Halloweentown celebrates in St. Helens. Thanks to exposure via the Disney Channel, it has become a local tradition.

Have a Fall-Themed Photo Shoot

This one is for all the aspiring creatives out there. The leaves are descending from their branches, which makes for the perfect photo opportunity. It's an Instagram paradise out there.

Go to a Graveyard

Is there anything more morbid (literally) than being surrounded by dead bodies? It's the ultimate spooky vibes. If you really want to have a thrilling experience that will cover you in goosebumps, find a catacomb or historical cemetery to visit. Lots of them give tours. Or, if that's too literal for you, just go to a museum which celebrates death; The Mütter Museum in Philadelphia or the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn, New York, will certainly do the trick.