What Your Favorite Fall Drink Says About You

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    by · September 26, 2015

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    This year, the kind folks at Starbucks proudly announced its infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte is now the official beverage of fall. (I don’t know who allowed this to happen, but here we are.) It even got a verified Twitter account. Anyway! Thanks to the PSL’s official unveiling on September 8, 2015, fall unofficially arrived and with it came all of the fall drinks.

    Like clothing and emoji preference, what you sip/slurp/chug/salivate over during these crisp months (sorry, West Coast) says a lot about you. We all know the PSL’s associations, but what about the pumpkin beer? The now super-trendy Moscow Mule? Mulled wine? Surely these concoctions reflect our unique personalities in ways the zodiac does not. Well, slip on those UGGs, slide into those Lululemon pants, throw on your North Face Denali, and find out ahead—unfiltered and foam-free.

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