Fall Out Boy Has a Wild Field Day

in the video for “uma thurman.”

If you've ever wished that you could work for your favorite band, Fall Out Boy's latest music video is giving you a glimpse at just how crazy—and unreal—that job can be. With guest appearances by Brendon Urie, Big Data, Action Bronson, Big Sean, and MAX, "Uma Thurman" shows what it's really like to be Fall Out Boy's assistant for one day.

Paintball, a zebra, karaoke, and some light algebra tutoring all work their way into the band's music video for one insanely packed day, in which assistant Sarah finds herself running from one surreal task to the next. The life of an band assistant surely isn't a boring one, and the video shows that there's always some bizarre surprise just waiting around the corner.

With surf-inspired vibe and Patrick Stump's signature head-bopping vocals, the track is poised to be a go-to roadtrip song for summer. Referencing Uma Thurman's rad dance moves in the cult classic Pulp Fiction, the chorus has just the right combination of catchiness and jamming energy to keep it playing on a neverending loop in our heads. And with the song's grooving Beach Boys-meets-pop-punk feel, we can't complain.

"Uma Thurman" comes off of Fall Out Boy's latest album, American Beauty/American Pscyho, which was released in January. Watch the video below.