Fall Out Boy Return With A New Music Video And Album

Or something like it…

Pop-punk is not dead. Let me say that again: Pop! Punk! Is! Not! Dead! What with Paramore's return, The Maine playing an acoustic set at the NYLON offices, and Fall Out Boy coming out of nowhere with a new album, song, and video, the era of emo reigns supreme.

FOB dropped "Young and Menace" today, the lead single off the band's forthcoming album, M A N I A. (Yes, young designers, it is spelled with all those spaces. Do you feel the kern?) The song's lyrics of youthful mayhem in hindsight are on-par with the pop-punk movement, but that's where things get blurry. Instead of some melodic guitar line, FOB drop into dubstep territory in the chorus; Patrick Stump's vocals getting chopped and screwed beyond recognition. But hey, at least you can do a dance to it.

Pete Wentz elaborated on the song in a press release saying, "It’s hard to rationalize rage; it’s hard to quantify anxiety... this song does neither, it embraces the wave…" That's pretty pop-punk of them, no? Like the blurry line between humans and monsters in the video? What even is pop-punk in 2017 anymore? Still young and full of menace, clearly.

M A N I A drops September 15.