In The Era Of Peak TV, These Are The New Fall Shows You Absolutely Need To Check Out

    TV overload

    by · August 25, 2016

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    It is undeniable: We are currently living through the era of Peak TV. If you live for plot twists, character development, and cliff-hangers, then there’s no better time to be alive. But for even the most endurance-tested bingers, the overload of shows can be maddening. And as if to torture us, content creators (and the networks that enable them) show no sign of slowing their roll. Last year, there were 409 scripted shows on television. Next year, that number will surge to 500.

    How, amidst all these limited, anthology, and regular series, does one choose what to watch? Reading this article is a start. Here are the 13 shows coming this fall that we guarantee will be worth your time.

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