fashion film: kate spade

hit the road, jack

by ali hoffman

Call us romantics, but our ideal summer vacation will always involve very little luggage, no itinerary whatsoever, and a Eurail pass. Okay, maybe we've just seen Before Sunrise one to many times.

But here's what we've learned from several summers of experience: A little planning ahead can really make the difference from having an okay time to an unforgettable summer. Plus, no one needs to know, and you can be a total free bird once you start your journey.

Apparently Kate Spade agrees with us, judging by her latest collection and corresponding fashion flick. This summer, the fun-loving designer's all about travel, from steamline luggage, to a Jackie O-esque pedal pushers and a printed head scarf, to even a "Ready for Departure" travel journal. The range is fun without being too kitschy, colorful without being too loud, and perfect for both a street fair in Amsterdam and a horseback ride in Tuscany.

Oh and did we mention this popsicle-shaped coin purse? It's perfect.