Which New Fashion Trends You Should Try Based on Your Sign

Can you say athleisure, Taurus?

by christie craft

Another fall, another slew of fashion weeks smattered across the map, each filled with the pomp and circumstance of forecasting the next season’s sartorial musts. Even if you aren’t among the intrepid class of journalists, photogs, designers, and other industry folk paddling through each majestic seven days’ style parade, untangling your own take away from such nonstop art is exhausting. Fortunately, the stars are here to whisper the major key alerts to crafting and curating next season’s wardrobe—and your best personal style—from global trends gleaned from New York, Paris, London, and Milan over the last month. Whether you’re an athleisure-loving Taurus, a bold and beautiful Leo, Yeezy-obsessed futuristic Aquarius, or a chilled-out Pisces floating into next season with Rih Rih’s navy, we’ve got just the ticket to deciphering your next look, with a little help from astrology.

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Libra: Sunset Sorbet Hues

Some of Libra’s best power colors were splashed across runways worldwide this year, and though the seventh sign of the zodiac occurs during the fall in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s clear that spring ‘17 will be #LibraSeason. Libra’s symbolized by the Scales of Justice, but their glyph illustrates the setting sun. It’s only fitting then that these fizzy sunset pastels, ranging from washed-out to downright vibrant, are Libra’s most flattering hues. Designers like Tibi, Alexander Wang, and Sies Marjan championed the trend without a trace of obnoxious in New York.

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Scorpio: Jawbreaker Suiting

Classic fashion house Chanel, along with a sophomore effort by Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga, paid an unlikely homage to the Cher Horowitzes, Elle Woods, and Romy and Michelles on their Paris spring ‘17 runways. Featuring sharp tailoring in bold colors and tartans, the cheeky mini-skirt suits sent down the runways harken back to fierce girl gangs and scream queens, just the right mix of tough and sexy for intense and commanding Scorpio. Sexy touches like over-the-knee socks and mini-backpacks add even more whimsy and humor, perfect for this Pluto-ruled darkstar.

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Sagittarius: Best Western

With so many jangling spurs, suede fringe, denim, and jaunty bandanas seen across NYFW ‘17 runways, it’s obvious that designers heard the call to go West this spring. Coach, Ralph Lauren, and Anna Sui all offered up less costumey nods to old-time Western wear with neat pearl-snap shirting, sleek cowgirl hats, and chic “nudie suit”-inspired ensembles. Sagittarius, ever the enterprising adventurer, are the true gauchos of the zodiac, never shying from wearing their travels on their sleeve. Even better? Decking yourself out conceptually is the perfect icebreaker for the next party or hotspot Sag is no doubt off to.

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Capricorn: Big Logos

Capricorn, though earthy and grounded, isn’t above dropping a name or two to grease the wheels every now and again. This spring, expect to not just be name-dropping, but name-dripping; as in, you’ll be dripping with big, glam logos. Gucci and Moschino in Milan runways had their names written all over ‘em (literally), while Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel hid their monikers in gaudy, fun detailing—like on the heel of a stiletto (YSL)—in Paris. Stella McCartney took an entirely different tack with making her mark in London, along with Maria Grazia Chiuri of Christian Dior in Paris, who sent models down runways in basic white tees printed with “We Should All Be Feminists.” Brava.

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Aquarius: Bare-It-All Nudes

Always the rebel, Aquarius raises no issue with a little shock value—that is, as long as its purposes are to expand the mind’s consciousness and change the world. Leave it to Yeezy to lead the charge with shock-me-chic monochromatic nude ensembles reminiscent of Milla Jovovich’s Gaultier-imagined bandage dress (was that even a dress, or more of a bandage dressing?) in sci-fi classic, The Fifth Element. What’s more, Yeezy Season Four at NYFW ‘17 channelled intergalactic, post-apocalyptic streetwear, an appealing aesthetic for this space-age air sign.

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Pisces: In The Navy

Sure, fashion’s been known to tip their captain’s hat to the nautical and naval-inspired trends, but this season’s sailing in a much different direction. It’s yacht time, baby, and major designers like Tommy Hilfiger (New York) and Chloe (Paris) evoked less military and more Rihanna’s Navy (a famous Pisces herself). Sailor stripes, primary colors, and five-pointed stars get a much more sun-bleached, upper-deck party interpretation with vibrant colors, cheeky hemlines, and oceanic details like nautical ropes and bold neckties. Ruled by Neptune, ancient god of the sea, Pisces is always keen to have a float down the lazy river, daydreaming, or delving into the deepest depths of the emotional unconscious.

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Aries: Yankee Pinstripes

Crisp and classic shirting Patrick Bateman would envy came through across runways last month during New York Fashion Week spring 2017, only with a tough, street-smart nod to the one and only Bronx Bombers: pinstripes. Leave it to Aries, the athletic, enterprising first sign of the zodiac to bring business to the batting cages in this smart juxtaposition of architecture and menswear. With Mars, god of action, aggression, and war, as their ruling planet, Aries and the Yanks have winning in common. Designers like Adam Selman and Monse championed the starchy, updated Oxford look, while Claudia Li added feminine flare, ruffles, and flounces to the masculine staple.

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Taurus: Athleisure

If there’s one thing we learned from spring ‘17 Fashion Week runways across the globe, it’s that athleisure is here to stay—but without losing its cool. Milan fully embraced the sporty vibe, with Donatella Versace at the helm, strapped with comfy-chic graphic nylon parkas and leggings. Taurus, whose M.O. is keeping it chill yet design-focused, could live their entire, unbothered life in the oversized streetwear-inspired sweatshirts seen at Vera Wang in New York. Trust, these comfy essentials are reliable, but anything but basic.  

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Gemini: Transparency

Flowing chiffons and gauzy, sheer silks in enchanting sorbet hues defied gravity—and convention—on runways from Prada to Pucci during Milan spring ‘17. The see-through look is anything but a peep show, rather boasting an ethereal sophistication that’s straight outta fairyland. No sign embodies this bubbly, curious energy with just the right twinge of rebellion and intellectualism like Gemini. Known as the zodiac’s fun-loving, if duplicitous, social butterfly, the cerebral, Mercury-ruled air sign could easily rock Fendi’s flirty take on the trend with otherworldly ease.

Cancer: Pajama Party

Taurus may be the Queen of Chill, but Cancer the Crab just straight-up stays at home. What’s the point in leaving the comfort and safety of your well-stocked, impeccably designed shell for an uncertain and harsh world? Pajamas took on a unique ubiquity across runways globally this year, but especially with full-blown terrycloth robes at Lacoste and Band of Outsiders in New York. Alexander Wang, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana turned up the trend with decadent, starlet-ready silk PJs. Think of it as next-level leisurewear.

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Leo: Disco Queen Sequins

Shiny, shiny metallics don’t stutter when it comes to announcing who’s bringing the party, and no one harnesses glamour and drama quite like Leo. Studio 54 was resurrected sartorially in Milan, thanks to designers like Au Jour Le Jour, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci sending sequin-embellished cocktail- and midi-length frocks shimmying and shaking down the runway. In New York, DVF took a more sophisticated tack with sequined details. Ruled by the sun, Leos are used to shining—get ready to sparkle (and party) come spring ‘17.

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Virgo: Micro Florals

Teeny, tiny floral prints in muted, muddy hues have been a sleeper hit—and a major nod to the ‘90s—for several seasons, but spring ‘17 runways held a tender spot for this femme-grunge staple. In London, Emilia Wickstead took a more prim approach to the trend with a whimsical, feminine color palette and flowing textiles, with Erdem and Preen splashed the runway with nostalgia. Brainy Virgo, our very own Daria of the zodiac, doesn’t need a reason to rock My So-Called Life-inspired looks, but the clean, unassuming combo of a skater-cut dress in minuscule florals paired with classic Dr. Marten’s and a mini-backpack is neat, tidy, and just tongue-in-cheek enough for sassy, Mercury-ruled Virgo.