fast talker

buxom’s new stain gives some major lip service.

by liza darwin

It's no secret that the beauty world is based upon promises- after all, we're all looking for brighter eyes, rosier cheeks, and bolder lips. But Buxom is possibly the biggest mouth of them all- at least, thanks to the makeup brand's latest line of lipcolors.

The Big & Healthy Lip Tarnish not only guarantees to give your mouth a juicy pop of berry, but it also claims to moisturize and plump your lips, making it quite possibly the biggest overachiever we've ever heard about. Because these are some lofty goals, last night we gave it a spin ourselves.

Here's what we found: the product may come in a chunky pencil, but it smooths on as easily as Chapstick, making it a foolproof option for lipstick-phobes (or just people in a rush). It also lasts as long as our favorite stains, and you can make each of the four shades more dramatic by layering coats as the night goes on.

As for the plumping action, it didn't boost our lips quite as much as other standbys like Lip Venom, but it did give off a slight tingling sensation, which feels good as soon as you smear it on.

But our favorite part is that this lipstick/stain/balm/whatever you want to call it comes packaged with a built-in sharpener. What better way to get an edge on the competition?

Buy it at Sephora.