these georgia indie rockers bring southern comfort to lollapalooza.

by liza darwin

We haven't yet had the opportunity to party with the boys of Reptar, but we really want to. After all, this Athens-based quartet has already secured the #1 slot on our weekend soundtrack (as well as a double shoutout on Good Listener!) for their hi-fi summer songs, so it's guaranteed to be a fun time.

Despite being new- they only started playing together as a band several months ago- the group has already made some serious moves. Reptar's debut single, "Stuck In MY ID" has the rebellious, fun-loving nature of DOM paired with the magical synth-driven energy of groups like The Naked and Famous, and there's more where that came from on their EP, out now.

Along with the critical acclaim and internet buzz (not to mention a pretty awesome band name), it's enough momentum to carry them through the fall, since they're hitting the road with Cults and Foster the People to gear up for the release of their debut full-length album.

The guys captured their Lollapalooza experience through their photo diary for us. If you check it out below, and download "Stuck In My Id" (for free) here, it's almost like you were there right there with them....well, kind of.

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