festival diary: those dancing days

live the swede life with this pop quintet.

by liza darwin

We've had a full-fledged music crush on Swedish quintet Those Dancing Days since 2008,

when we first got hooked on the band's signature style of sassy, spunky pop. So it was only natural that we asked-no, pleaded- the girls to document their Glastonbury weekend for us, since we couldn't be there ourselves. What we learned: people sometimes wear PJs, there are tons of tipis, and they're obsessed with Beyonce. Suddenly, we love them even more. See their day-by-day accounts and photo journal below!


We came to Glastonbury one day before the actual festival started. It was our first time there so we were super excited. We found our tipi tent just by the park stage and it was very cozy.

In the night we went to see our friends' band Black Manilla at Slumbarave up in Shangri-La. It was a really cool place. People wore PJs and it was a mud free area.


The festival starts! We saw Fleet Foxes, BB King, Warpaint and special guest Radiohead. All good!


We played at 2pm so it was pretty much straight up from bed. Linnea and our sound guy arrived and the gig was fun! A lot of people came to see us so we were very pleased. Also, the sun showed during our set after a few rainy days.

Later we watched Wild Beasts, where our friend Katie from Sky Larkin played keyboards, as well as Lee Scratch Perry and Pulp, who played to our happy surprise.


The last day at the festival was a pretty tired day. It was very sunny and hot, so all mud dried. We walked up on the biggest hill and watched the view. The bands we watched were: TV on the Radio, Lykke Li and of course Beyoncè! She was AMAZING! Those Dancing Days <3 Beyoncè.

Listen to more Those Dancing Days here!

in the tipi

Cissi and friend Astrid

more Tipis

Black Manilla

Behind Wild Beasts

BB King


rebecka with friend astrid