festival diary: two door cinema club

the irish trio takes us to glastonbury!

by liza darwin

What happens in Glastonbury, stays in Glastonbury? Yeah, right. Luckily, the same rules for Vegas don't apply to the massive British music festival. For everyone who wasn't lucky enough to experience the mud and the music last weekend, Two Door Cinema Club is here to help. In between sets, Sam, Alex and Kevin were nice enough to document their experience, from dealing with adoring fans to getting locked out of their own tour bus to performing for a crowd of 80 thousand. Check out Sam's photos below to see for yourself.

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"NO TOUCHING. Kevin couldn't even have a cigarette without being man handled by an adoring fan. I guess this is what happens when you are about to play the Pyramid."

"This is me feeling like a wrestler heading down to the ring. Check out the security checking out Kev there. We see you."

"I think this is when Kev pointed out to Alex how red my eyes get before big shows."

"This is us just having a great time playing to probably the biggest crowd we have ever played to! Very overwhelming."

"Crowds love to be told what to do. This is what it looks like when you get 80000 people to stand on each others' shoulders. And yes, of course Bono later grabbed the IE and GB flags up on stage."

"Lots of celebrating later led to us not being able to open a bus door. The lock was broken...."